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  1. Scotch one of the other wheels and jack up axle.
  2. Remove grease cap from centre of hub, using small end of wheel spanner.
  3. Fit spanner to hub cap with keys A in the keyways and lever B at right angles to the handle.
  4. Raise lever B into line with handle in order to unlock the pawl. Two pins, C will project to keep the spanner in position. The two small grooves in the face of the spanner are to receive these pins.
  5. Move the spanner anti-clockwise whilst holding the wheel stationary. If necessary, use a mallet to start the motion. When the motion is started, it is easier to hold the spanner and to turn the wheel.
  6. Lift wheel off the hub when it ceases to advance outwards.



Touch the pin to test the valve

Use the slotted end of the cap to unscrew the plug if the valve must be removed.

Screw the cap on tightly,